New Zealand Film Productions to Resume

Few nations worldwide have combatted the novel coronavirus like New Zealand, with their country being one of the 1st to disavow quarantine measures. This nation is experiencing a minor influx of COVID-19 Infections since lifting their restrictions but are still considerably better off than the United States of America & the United Kingdom.

Supporting safer environments for economic growth, New Zealand’s Ministry of Business & Innovation confirmed that permission was granted for various studios to resume production. This includes Amazon’s Lord of the Rings and Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop. All personnel from both casts were forced to leave New Zealand in early March, which followed after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 an international pandemic.

Industries like film have suffered drastically from the worldwide restriction of international travel. Cowboy Bebop from Netflix had hardly begun production before the COVID-19 Epidemic was moved to Pandemic levels. It was Amazon’s Lord of the Rings that faced significant delays from New Zealand cancelling all studios from maintaining their productions. Completion on the “First Episodic Tale” of this new era in the LOTR Universe was nearly finalized.

It’ll take less than two weeks for the “First Episodic Tale” to enter completion, which New Zealand Officials granting Amazon permission to begin production on their 2nd Episodic Adventure in Lord of the Rings. It’s not known if Amazon Studios will pre-emptively release the two initial episodes before season production enters full completion. Following this mindset would force significant delays on this series being released.

Protective Measures for All Productions

The New Zealand Government is demanding that all film productions entering their nation agree to maintain safety precautions. The physical distancing measures implemented by New Zealand has protected thousands from losing their lives. It’s known that one production hasn’t entirely obeyed these social distancing protocols, prompting fines onto their respective studio. Details on which production broke safety precautions weren’t provided. However, evidence indicates that “James Cameron’s: Avatar Two” could be at fault.

Quarantine measures will immediately be imposed if New Zealand’s Prime Minister finds COVID-19 Conditions to be unsatisfactory. It’d prompt all products to enter closure status a 2nd time, forcing notable losses onto films like Avatar Two.