Office Writers Creating Coronavirus Sitcom

American society doesn’t show any sympathies towards global situations or pandemics. This was proven once again by two men who previously worked on America’s most famous sitcom. It was announced that Paul Lieberstein and Ben Silverman are creating a television sitcom that’s centred around the coronavirus. It’ll be manufactured and filmed in the same manner to The Office, where both these men worked for a prolonged period. Both men hade roles as writers and executive producers, creating some of the most notable episodes in the series history.

The sitcom will be centred around a Corporate Boss with genius-level intelligence. He’ll struggle with the concept of connecting his workforce while keeping them productive. This boss sounds similar to Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, who’ll find anxiety when trying to command people to work. Scenarios will include the workforce playing video games like Fortnite and ignoring their boss, which will see the Sheldon-esc character react in a hostile and comedic manner.

The announcement that Paul Lieberstein and Ben Silverman would be re-connecting for the 1st time in years was made through Twitter. Silverman mentioned that millions worldwide are working from home and engaging in Zoom Meetings, forcing challenges onto bosses during this adjustment period. Ben noted that hysterical situations could follow for these awkward moments. Viral videos on YouTube have proven these awkward situations to be hilarious already.

The Backlash

Social media threads and comment sections began to indicate their significant disgust towards the creation of this sitcom. Numerous supporters of Silverman and Lieberstein mentioned that COVID-19 is infecting 800 Thousand citizens worldwide. That their primary concern shouldn’t be creating a sitcom that can be sold for millions after the pandemic is over. It indicates an incredible lack of sympathy for both men. This kind of behaviour wasn’t allowed in the early 2000s, with it taking nearly a decade for a film or dramatic show to be created about 9/11.

There are now two petitions circulating online to ensure that this sitcom isn’t picked up during the next fiscal year. Petitions will be sent to notable networks like NBC, ABC, Showtime, AMC and multiple others. Neither Silverman or Lieberstein have been available for comment following the immense backlash.