Olivia Newton-John Appears on Australian TV Series

The British-Australian singer and actress, Olivia Newton-John in 2008 married John Easterling, her second husband. She appeared on the TV series 60 minutes in Australia recently and was asked about her former boyfriend who disappeared and was found 12 years later. She explained that it was only human to wonder, although it is one of the things she had to accept and then let go, questions still come up.

Patrick McDermott Found After 12 Years

Photographs taken in 2001 of Olivia newton-Josh with Patrick McDermott, her boyfriend at the time, made it back into news headlines when a private detective revealed that McDermott was found. The man found has the exact widow’s peak, his eyes are similar and so is his ears that extend down the same distance on his head, and the private detective says he believes 100% that it is Patrick McDermott.

Newton-John’s boyfriend when missing over 12 years ago and has been found, at the time she met him, he was an American cameraman from Korea and the two dated on and on and off bases. McDermott is now well, alive and happily living in a tiny town in Mexico according to reports released by New Idea.

Disappeared in 2005, Patrick McDermott Found in Mexico

Patrick McDermott went on a fishing trip in 2005 and the 48-year old never returned from his fishing adventure on his boat called “Freedom”. He set off from San Pedro Marine on the 30th of June 2005 and while all his personal belongings including his wallet were still aboard the ship, he mysteriously disappeared.

In November 2008, the US Coast Guard released a statement that concluded that McDermott was believed to have drowned, although his disappearance and the circumstances around it triggered many speculations that he could have faked his death. Most of the rumors included that McDermott faked his own death in order to escape debt. By 2009, investigators appearing on Dateline NBC confirmed that McDermott could have disappeared to avoid the child support he owed his ex-wife as well as other debts. Around the same time, it was believed that McDermott could be living on the west coast of Mexico in a boat.

Australian Weekly Magazine – New Idea Has Evidence of McDermott Living in Mexico

New Idea is a long-running weekly magazine available in Australia and has claimed that it had evidence that McDermott is alive and living in Mexico after the magazine had received photographs from Coleman-Reyna, a US Media Agency, which shows a man that matches McDermott as he enjoys the Mexican sun. Charlie Parker, the private detective told the magazine that he believes it is McDermott since the photograph 90% matches Patrick McDermott.

March 2016 McDermott Appeared on America’s Most Wanted

It was found that after McDermott appeared on America’s Most Wanted, he was found living with his German girlfriend in Mexico. Olivia Newton-John, best known as Sandy in the film Grease released in 1978, has previously expressed grief about the disappearance of her former boyfriend.