Picnic at Hanging Rock Get All the Info

It is a TV series based on the classic novel by Joan Lindsay and what keeps viewers on the lookout for the next episode of Picnic at Hanging Rock is the fact that Natalie Dormer previously starred in Game of Throne is now one of the main characters.

Drama, romance and mystery beautifully wrapped by director Michael Rymer, Picnic at Hanging Rock is was filmed in Australia and distributed by Fremantle Media Australia. The novel with the same name enjoyed tremendous success, which is why the series comes as no surprise, it centres around schoolgirls and their teacher that disappears during a Valentine’s Day picnic. While it offered suspenseful ready the series is set against some of Australia’s most stunning landmarks and both the novel and the series is set in 1900 in Australia.

What Happened to the Girls

The disappearance of the girls has huge repercussions, Mrs Appleyard the headmistress, other pupils and the local community. The Australian adaptation is also heading to the United Kingdom screens, and everyone’s eye is on Dormer leading the cast. Currently can be seen on BBc2 and the six-part series airs every Wednesday at 9 pm.

Goodbye to You Hester, Say Hello to Appleyard, Mrs Appleyard

Natalie Dormer can be seen as Mrs Appleyard, a frightening and brusque headmistress in charge of the school for young ladies. It comes to light quite early in the series that she has a somewhat murky past and she herself says Goodbye then Hester, say hello to the new Widow, well for you Mrs Appleyard. Lily Sullivan plays the part of Miranda Reid, by far the most rebellious schoolgirl of them all and it is she who leads the Hanging Rock expedition. Mrs Appleyard is not all she seems at first and there are plenty of hints and some of those are in relation to her late husband Arthur and there must be a lot more to reveal about her posh Londoner roots.

The Picnic at Hanging Rock Plot Thickens

Then there is still the handsome Englishmen, Mike Fitzhubert, introduced as staying with his Uncle and Aunt, this young man stays nearby and he witnessed the girls heading out on a picnic toward the Hanging Rock area. Why this very gentleman’s story according to the novel is straightforward in the series he was sent to his uncle and aunt in Australia in disgrace, the question is why?. All college scenes are filmed in Melbourne across six locations.

Jo Ford, production designer loved the venues usable for the high Victorian era and doing Picnic at Hanging Rock in Melbourne, Australia was amazing, Ford shared that the antique town offered once of the most beautiful settings, perfect for the Picnic at Hanging Rock novel. 120 crew members spend five busy days at Hanging Rock located in Woodend and curious visitors were invited to stay and watch some of the scenes being filmed.