Place Your Bet On Who Would Outplay, Outwit and Outlast in Australian Survivor

In 2019, the Australian Survivor show is another edition of the contenders competing against the champions. This was first confirmed by Channel Ten at its event hosted by the International Convention Centre based in Sydney.

The brand-new contender’s vs champions feature both sports stars and celebrities against Aussie contenders, and 2019’s will be the ultimate battle. The great excitement is that the Olympic gold medallist is partaking, and everyone is playing to win bets on Shane Gould. The other contender to keep an eye on is the rugby player Mat Rogers, and the infamous castaway is Russell Hantz.

In 2018, Channel Ten enjoyed the highest rating since 2016, Australian Survivor’s final episode was enjoyed by over 900,000 viewers, which was higher by almost 100,000 viewers, measured against the 2017 finale. The other launch announced at the event was the 10 All Access, a new video-on-demand and streaming subscription, which offers the past Survivor seasons. Produced by CBS and Network 10, this is a new service that gives viewers all the classics as well as previous seasons.

The filming of the fourth Australian Survivor season will start in April 2019, and the host will be Jonathan LaPaglia. It is by far one of the most popular reality competitions, and it is created by Charlie Parsons. The rules of the game are based on survival and contenders face several obstacles, challenges and elimination. Winning challenges offer immunity or other much-needed goods. Contestants get progressively eliminated from the game via voting, and the game continues until only one remain. The Sole Australian Survivor wins a huge prize worth A$500,000.

The Survivor series was first aired by Nine Network in 2002 who held the Australian broadcast rights at the time to broadcast the American edition of Survivor. Seven Network also aired the celebrity edition in 2006, although it lasted only past the first season due to meagre ratings. In November of 2015, Network Ten announced that it would revive the series and aired it in 2016. The airing of the season then started in August 2016, and due to popularity, it was also aired in 2017. In 2018, Network Ten aired the Champions vs Contenders season, which was the fifth season in the series.

What most viewers enjoy is that the tribes merge halfway through the game and the competition then becomes an individual fight for survival. Every single contender has to earn their place to stay another week. Nothing is guaranteed and every tribal meeting more tense than the one before. In the final tribal meeting, only two surviving competitors’ fact the council and each has to plea to remain in the game. The council members also include previous participants, which makes it even more nerve-wracking for the two survivors. The winner is the one who best knows how to outwit the others, outplay his/her strongest rivals and finally outlast all the participants.