Prince George Remains Safe While Prisoners Attack Terrorist

Prince George is one the younger members of the royal family. He is the eldest out of his two siblings, Princess Catherine and Prince William. At currently 5 years old, the young boy is third in line for the crown. Although, before he even makes his way to ruling, an ISIS fanatic who is currently jailed in a Manchester prison was trying to edge on and convince prisoners to try to harm Prince George by stabbing him at any possible chance.

However, the terrorist, Husnain Rashid, 32, couldn’t take what he was preaching as he was stabbed with a makeshift knife in prison. The attack seemed to take place in Rashid’s own cell as the guards reported that there was blood covering the entirety of the cell in a gore ridden manner.

While the attack was vicious, Rashid was only left with a deep gash covering his right ear to his jawline. It seems that the attack was provoked due to the fanatic shouting his plans to attack Prince George, as well as trying to encourage other extremists to follow in his footsteps. Although Rashid may have seemed confident that someone would listen and try to go out with his plans after they were released, it turned out more of the prisoners in the jail were fond of the royal family and didn’t take too kindly to an extremist trying to attack one of the younger members of the royal family.

An anonymous source stated that while it may be a prison, that sort of speech isn’t tolerated in Strangeways. While the suspect of the crime remains unknown, it may seem to stay that way as solving prison crimes are a bit tougher due to the bonds the inmates from with one another along with the issue that more people seem to be on the side of the inmate that attacked Rashid more than Rashid. After careful investigation, the weapon was assumed to be a toothbrush that was shared by a tool or by the prison wall or floor until it created the shape of a sharp spear.

Husnain Rashid Harassed Prince George

Rashid was originally imprisoned for his constant harassment against Prince George, which was started by him creating a photoshopped photo of the young prince standing nearby an ISIS fighter with an ominous caption which states that no one will be left alone – not even the royal family. Along with this, it was revealed during his sentencing that he was trying to encourage the poisoning of ice cream – which is assumed to be a part of his plans for getting at the younger members of the royal family. Additionally, he was found to be encouraging and trying to learn how to handle bombs and other weapons – which were considered to be terroristic in nature – and the 32-year-old pleaded guilty to each charge and was gifted a four-time life sentence which will be served without question.