Punk’d Returning in April

Unexpected news surprised supporters of the cult classic television series, Punk’d. It was confirmed that Chance the Rapper would host the newest iteration of this prank show. This Chicago-established artist confirmed his new hosting position through Twitter. Audiences wanting to watch this series will have to wait until April 6th, 2020. It’ll be shown on Quibi, a new streaming service for mobile devices. There’ll also be a respective streaming website for standard viewing experiences.

Punk’d originally premiered to audiences seventeen years ago in 2003. Aston Kutcher hosted it on MTV, which saw the 70s Show star ridiculously prank his celebrity friends. It proved to be an incredibly popular shower by viewers, allowing for Punk’d to air for eight seasons. The original version completed in 2007, with the 9th season returning five years later in 2012. This version was once again hosted by MTV but included multiple guest hosts. This included DeStorm Power, King Bach and Justin Bieber. The upcoming version from Chance the Rapper is slated to resemble Aston Kutcher’s model of Punk’d. Audiences can expect famous musical artists and Hollywood actors to be pranked regularly on the 10th season of Punk’d.

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Receiving Early Release Date

The Marvel Franchise has become worth billions of dollars yearly, with the Disney Corporation doing everything in their power to keep various characters relevant. Subsequently, multiple television series are being created for Disney+. The 1st that’s slated to release is “The Falcon & Winter Soldier”, which wasn’t expected to release until December 2020. Instead, audiences will receive their first dose on this MCU television series by Summer 2020.

This will start a brand new era for Marvel supporters. Television series regarding the films applied to one select brand, the Agents of Shield. The Falcon & Winter Soldier marks the 1st genuine instance of the film and television MCU franchises combining into one entity. It’s already known that several characters from previously established films will return for this series. MCU experts anticipate that two of those characters will be Scarlett Witch and Vision, with those respective characters also receiving their television series. When it applies to the storyline, it’s known that Baron Zemo will return as the main villain. He previously played in Captain America: Civil War and is considered to be one of the better villains in MCU history. It’s also known that Sharon Carter will assist Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson in their task to defeat Baron Zemo.