Queensland Government to Introduce $1,000 Fine for Mobiles Use During Driving

Australia drivers caught using their smartphones while driving could get a fine of $1,000. The Queensland Government plans on introducing this penalty before Christmas; the decision comes after over 40 did on QLD roads within only two months.

At the moment, Australians faces a fine of $400 when they’re caught using their mobile devices. The penalty could increase to $1,000, and Premiere Annastacia Plaszczuk wants to add license suspension for those found a second time. Queenslanders still use their mobiles to read texts or make calls while they are driving and the deaths on the roads increase due to senseless interruptions.

Mobile Subscriptions Up from 1 Billion to 5 Billion

Smartphones and other mobile devices enable us to feel a lot safer; if your car breaks down, it takes only a call to get help. Recent newspaper headlines claimed that there were more people with access to phones than toilets.

The new way to spend or save money is by using your mobile phone, and according to a 2013 report by the United Kingdom Government, more than a billion individuals owned a mobile phone in 2013, that did not have a bank account.

Mobile devices are also called lifesavers as in rural areas it is a quick way to communicate with healthcare health care experts. Cell phones are used in rural African countries as a way to contact specialists, and it helps in identifying health issues and often it is a way of finding out how to treat illnesses. The World Bank reported that over three-quarters of people in the world had access to a mobile device. It allows communication worldwide, and it helps farmers, students and speeds up communication during disasters.

Mobile Phones Help People Find Jobs & Opened New Market Opportunities

Most of our daily duties are made more accessible due to mobile use, including searching for employment opportunities. It is also the best way to market your services as most people spend about five hours a day searching for services.

You can trace your loved one’s location to ensure they are safe, share your site when you need assistance. At the same time, it is also a camera allowing you to take photographs and share it via social media or keep it as souvenirs.

Mobile devices are also a great way to enjoy the best entertainment, and you can join thousands of online casinos. Membership at such allows you to play thousands of real money slots, table games and live casino games. You can also place bets on your favourite sports teams or watch games in real-time.

Mobile betting and gaming are one of the fastest growing industries, and it allows people to enjoy the best entertainment at home or on the go. Mobile devices are also used to order groceries online or anything else. It opened up a whole new world of shopping, and you don’t have to travel as most services include delivery.