Rake Rated as One of the Best in Australia

When it comes to Australian television shows, Rake is just so real and complex that no-one can stop watching it! Richard Roxburgh returns to all the drama, and with some cheats scattered along the way, you can now catch up on this enormously popular show.

Rake – What it’s All About

If you still are amongst the arrogant thinking it is just a smart drama packed with quirky characters spending time in the courtroom, you could actually not be more wrong. From the very start, Richard Roxburgh’s performance was described by the critics as chaotic, amazing and everyone fell in love with Cleaver Greene. It is this character that enables Roxburgh, who also co-created the drama/comedy, to be both the leading man and one of the greatest character actors. As Cleaver, he is infuriating, endearing and most of the time actually evilly funny.

In Front of the Camera or Behind the Scenes – Rake Remains the Most Praised

Andrew Knight the co-writer keeps in touch with everything that happens on or off screen, he used to be the key writer for SeaCharge, which is perfect for the melodrama at the time in Rake. The recurring director is Kate Dennis, known for directing another Australian classic titled Love My Way. The courtroom is used to do the impossible in Rake, and it steps into to offer reliable analyses weekly of a political system that is dying. Cleaver wants to be a good man, while he also self-sabotages himself, in the process, he messed up his marriage, he still sets a terrible example for his child, and on top of it all, he is in love with his sex worker. He also disappoints his sister, betrays his life-long mate and one thing he keeps longing for is to be a good all-around bloke.

As Good As it Gets At His Job

No matter how hard Cleaver tries, he keep missing the point/s of being good in his personal life, yet at his job, he is unbeatable, especially when it comes to defending people. He believes in his work, he also believes in the law and then also believes that everyone deserves a good defence.

Cleaver Greene’s Weekly Promise

Cleaver tells his ex-wife Wendy, week after week that he is finally a changed man, that he swears he’ll be only good, there will be no more wine, no more women and no more marching power. Yet in season four it could be that he really did change and now want those he loves to believe in him. Could the main guy be done with lying, cheating and all the other shenanigans and scandals? Do not miss the next season as it focuses on whether anyone can really change for the better and then maintain the change forever, is anyone’s nature fixed forever maybe?