Rogue One Prequel Series Announced

The recent Star Wars Trilogy from Disney wasn’t positively received amongst fans and critics. This extended towards the Han Solo Film, with their two most popular properties being Rogue One and The Mandalorian. Continuing on the success of Rogue One – A Star Wars Story, the Disney Company confirmed that Lucasfilm is developing a prequel series regarding Cassian Andor. This individual worked as a Rebel Intelligence Officer with the Alliance, working to defeat the Empire shortly before A New Hope. The actor behind Cession Andor is Diego Luna, who’s slated to reprise his role. Details on when this television series will be released weren’t announced, with the novel coronavirus limiting pre-production.

COVID-19 has forced the entertainment industry worldwide to work from home, forcing delays on their respective production schedules. Some television series that was slated for 2020-21 have been outright cancelled. When it applies towards the Rogue One prequel series, art directors are currently developing scenes that could be filmed on-site in North America. It’d fall in line with the flora displayed throughout the worlds in Rogue One. It should be noted that two additional actors were confirmed, with those including Kyle Soller and Stellan Skarsgard. Details on what their appearances haven’t been revealed. However, rumours indicate that Soller and Skarsgard will play Rebel Soldiers with Diego Luna.

Storyline Details

The timeline centring the Rogue One prequel was speculated amongst fans, with some debating that this Disney+ series would take place years after Rogue One. This concept would’ve allowed Cassian Andor to live throughout the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Some fans were disappointed to learn that this series will take place five years before the battle of Yavin. This is the conventional timeline associated with supportive projects in Disney’s Star Wars Universe.

Fans will continue to wait for the time when later dates in the original three films, which have been avoided to honour George Lucas’s creation. It should be noted that supporters of Star Wars have typically criticized the conceptions from Disney, which significantly go against the underlying tones with the original six films. Executives with the Disney Company have recognized their mistakes and publicly expressed that the franchise is being revised.