Seventh Season of Rick & Morty in Development

Cartoons take years of development before release, with few productions maintaining the required staff needed to sustain new episodes each month without delay. Family Guy, South Park, and the Simpsons are three exclusive cartoons permitting this unique development schedule. Other popular titles like Rick & Morty take months to years for episodes to enter completion, often initiating delays that’ve become regular for fans. The Co-Creator of Rick & Morty confirmed on November 13th that three additional seasons had been developed, with the fourth series has ended this year.

Considering that Rick & Morty released its first season in 2013, that’s almost one season for every two years. Fans were thrilled to learn that won’t be the case for much longer, with the 7th season nearly finished completion. It means the 5th, 6th, and 7th season can maintain yearly release dates. The initial postponement seen with these three seasons permits Rick & Morty to sustain an annual seasonal schedule until an inevitable series finale. If popularity holds similar to Family Guy or South Park, decades of renewed seasons could be managed for Rick & Morty showrunners.

Increased Popularity for Rick & Morty

It’s been confirmed by Adult Swim, the broadcaster supporting Rick & Morty, that seventy additional episodes will be released over upcoming seasons. Critics anticipated popularity of Rick & Morty to dwindle with the 4th season, as Adult Swim prompted a two-year delay between series three to four. Critics found themselves incorrect, with popularity increasing by a margin of 23.92% for Rick & Morty with Adult Swim. The last episode of season four saw millions tune-in via broadcast or stream. It was an exciting ending to the 4th series that’s given fans increasing excitement for the 5th season.

Supporters were informed of the seventh season entering completion during the “2020 Adult Swim Festival”. Cast & Crew were questioned virtually by fans on questions regarding question four when Co-Creator Dan Harmon unintentionally confirmed that season seven had finished production days earlier.