Showtime’s Moonbase 8 Announced

An eccentric comedy from Jonathan Krisel & Fred Armisen is arriving at Showtime, with its release date unverified. This series was ordered on August 20th for series development from Showtime & allowing the long-developing series to receive its first home. Fred Armisen first announced Moonbase 8 two-years-ago. The eccentric sitcom was focused on the adventures of Fred Armisen’s mediocre astronaut. However, it’d be revealed that Armisen would be joined by John C. Reilly & Tim Heidecker for the upcoming series. This collective of actors guarantees success for Showtime’s latest sitcom.

Showtime’s announcement clarified that Tim Heidecker, Fred Armisen, John C. Reilly, and Jonathon Krisel would work on the development of this sitcom. All four men have notable careers in comedy films & television, with each having their perspective on where characters should go story-wise. Expect hysterical rifts of comedy from John C. Reilly, and monotoned laughs from Fred Armisen. It’s expected that Reilly & Heidecker will steal the show from Fred Armisen. The former SNL actor has struggled to maintain a presence in the world of comedy since leaving Saturday Night Live. The announcement of Moonbase 8 is the first notable project that Armisen has worked on in years.

John C. Reilly hasn’t struggled to maintain active roles in cinema & television, with this extending towards Tim Heidecker. The attachment of these men likely awarded Fred Armisen a contract with Showtime. An evident lack of concern from Showtime is seen, with six-episodes being the maximum ordered for the first season.

The Storyline

Moonbase 8 focused on three astronauts that are mediocre at their jobs & often struggle to complete their duties. When these men are seen to the Arizonian NASA Moon Base Simulator, the three meet one another & begin competing for the chance to travel space. This level of competition results in hysterical moments, which critics anticipate will outweigh Netflix’s, Space Force.

Backlash for Netflix

The revelation that Fred Armisen had been creating a space sitcom since 2018 showed that Steve Carrel & Netflix had stolen his concept, minorly changing storyline details to avoid lawsuits. It’s prompted for the minimal backlash against Netflix amongst Reilly, Armisen, and Heidecker. Their anger isn’t shocking when considering that it’s been two years of hard efforts to receive approval.