Simpsons 30th Treehouse of Horror Promo Unveiled

The Simpsons is an iconic television series that’s lasted decades and holds the most extended runtime of any sitcom in history. One of their yearly episodic events is named “The Treehouse of Horror”, which has returned for Halloween every year. Often, storylines centring around the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror are based around recent films that have darker themes. Notable parodies surround characters from the Twilight Zone, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky, and multiple other films associated to horror.

There’s been more Treehouse of Horror’s then standard sitcoms receive in a single season. It shows the longevity & comedic prowess associated with the Simpsons. Details regarding the latest entry for 2020 have been provided by showrunners & writers working on The Simpsons. Promotional footage was released on October 16th, fifteen days before the Treehouse of Horror is expected to air on Fox. It shows Marge Simpson wearing a facemask, indicating that COVID-19 will be subjected in this years Halloween special.

Storyline Details

It’s unknown what comedic undertones surround the coronavirus in this years Treehouse of Horror. However, Marge & Lisa Simpson wearing the facemask in a tense situation, indicates that “Contagion” is being parodied. The film Contagion follows an identical premise to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it was produced years before this virus took over international life.

Promotional footage suggests that an “End of Days’ episode is arriving for the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror. Glimpses in the promotional footage show the Four Horsemen decaying Springfield with their apocalyptic powers. Homer Simpson is seen tailing behind the Horsemen with a wielded shotgun, wearing outfits inspired by the film Mad Max. Standard to recent entries into the Treehouse of Horror, three or four movies are being parodied.

It should be noted that the promotional footage hasn’t revealed all plot points associated to 2020s Treehouse of Horror. CGI Animation is still being developed, meaning random & recent jokes could arrive. Some suspect that Simpsons Creator Matt Groening will make comedic undertones about President Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection. Matt Groening rarely parodies political subjects. However, Donnie boy is too hard to pass up on.