SNL Books Tom Hanks to Host

Comedy enthusiasts weren’t anticipating that Lorne Michaels would implement a video conference version of Saturday Night Live. However, after the United States needed a comedic relief from the continuous onslaught of depressing headlines, Lorne created a specialized version of SNL. It saw Tom Hanks showcase the opening monologue from his Home, marking the 1st show since March 7th when Daniel Craig Hosted. SNL was initially slated to return on March 28th with John Krasinski for the Quiet Place Part II, with this, unfortunately, has to be cancelled because of social distancing.

The novel coronavirus has drastically infected the entertainment industry. It’s seen theatres across North America shut down, upcoming films are pushed back by upwards of twelve months, and numerous celebrities fight for their lives. One of those individuals was Tom Hanks, who lost a significant portion of his hair after receiving treatment for the coronavirus.

Additional actors that contracted the coronavirus include Andy Cohen, Idris Elba, Daniel Day-Lewis and Olga Kurylenko. When SNL Cast questioned hanks on his conditions, the infamous actor mentioned that their conditions are good and that he feels like his usual self. It should be noted that both Tom and Rita Hanks committed to self-quarantine measures for fourteen days after being relieved of this virus.

The SNL Video Chat

Castmates with Saturday Night Live engaged with each other through Zoom, where a variety of skits were performed in a manner that most deemed odd. Actors with SNL like Kate McKinnon were forced to portray roles without a viable set, costume or supporting cast. It created one of the oddest formats ever showcased in a live television series. This also marks the 1st instance in Saturday Night Live’s history where it wasn’t filmed before a live studio audience, which will be historically remembered for the remainder of this shows lifespan.

It’s expected that Lorne Michaels won’t commit to a secondary SNL – Zoom Edition, with the creator and founder having to preserve the integrity of this long-running live show. The best moment around the Zoom Edition of SNL was that North America got to see Tom Hanks alive and well, with him being one of the most beloved actors in America or Canada.