SNL Sees Highest Rating in Four Years

The 46th season premiere date for Saturday Night Live occurred on October 3rd, 2020. It’s become the most viewed seasonal launch since 2016, which follows after legendary actors returned to play updated roles. Ratings have dropped for Saturday Night Live since iconic actors have left the show for Hollywood. The loss of Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, and Kristen Wig caused thousands of fans to leave the show.

It’s normal for SNL to experience highs & lows, with some casts performing better than others. Recent enhancements have been seen throughout the SNL crew, with their comedic stylings funnier than expected in the 46th season. Combine that with the addition of Alec Baldwin & Jim Carrey returning to the show, and you’ve got guaranteed success.

Information regarding the rating performance of Saturday Night Lives 46th seasonal launch came from Deadline. It was reported that 7.7 million viewers had tuned into the premiere, with Chris Rock knowing to be hosting & Jim Carrey announced to be playing a political role. Nobody has seen Jim Carrey play presidential candidate in Saturday Night Live, likely evoking a large percentage of the 7.7 million viewers. The musical guest was “Megan Thee Stallion”, which was the lowest moment of the show’s ratings.

Comedy Returns to SNL

It should be noted that since 2008, this is the 2nd highest premier that Saturday Night Live has experienced. The 7.7 million viewers allowed SNL to become the #1 watched entertainment broadcast in almost two decades. It shows that Lorne Michaels (Creator of SNL) can still create comedic settings with having the right set of actors.

This became evident when Jim Carrey arrived on his first SNL skit in decades, where he played as Joe Biden. Maya Rudolph joined Jim Carrey as Kamala Harris & Alex Baldwin reprised his role of Donald Trump. Jokes were made regarding the “Presidential Debate” seen at the beginning of October, how both men retorted to childish behaviour in their methods of politics. It’s hard to discern which was more hysterical, the SNL Presidential Debate or the genuine one for the office. Either way, SNL fans can expect all three actors to reprise their roles & create hilarious skits around the presidential campaigns of Biden or Trump.