Solar Opposites Renewed for Season Three

Justin Roiland has become the most notable animated series creator since Seth McFarlane. He’s designed multiple sitcoms that’ve generated popularity amongst a younger to middle-aged audience. His greatest creation is Rick & Morty, which is slated to enter its 5th season by 2022. Delays follow after multiple networks have inquired Justin Roiland’s services, including Hulu. PR Representatives with Hulu announced that “Solar Opposites” has obtained renewal for a third season.

Solar Opposites centres around four aliens that have been stranded on Earth. Misadventures occur as these alien lifeforms begin learning how humans interact. Voice actors include Justin Roiland, Sean Giambrone, Thomas Middleditch, and Mary Mack. This series initially delayed on May 8th & quickly garnered popularity with Hulu subscription holders. Fans have a 2nd season arriving in 2021, with the 3rd season slated to arrive by 2022. This means that Roiland will diligently be working on three sitcoms over the next 24 months.

Hulu PR Reps clarified that Solar Opposites had become their highest viewed & rated sitcom. Similarities from Rick & Morty traverse over to these four aliens. This includes the comedic stylings known by Justin Roiland, with the sounds of his voiced characters mimicking Rick & Morty.

Maintaining two television series will be challenging for Justin Roiland, especially with the novel coronavirus infecting global operations for numerous industries. Some speculate that after managing five seasons of Rick & Morty, the show will be given to other Co-Creators. This would allow Justin Roiland the opportunity to solely focus on Solar Opposites, which has increased demand for additional seasons amongst Hulu subscription holders.

Why Switch Over to Solar Opposites?

Justin Roiland wants to focus on his latest sitcom because its subject matter is more political. Two Aliens in Solar Opposites concentrate on the high level of pollution, weakness of human emotions, and addiction to consumerism. Characters played by Marry Mack & Thomas Middleditch have opposite mentalities, loving all aspects about the modern era of humanity. It creates hysterical situations that have deeper meanings behind them. It hasn’t been confirmed that Justin Roiland will leave the Rick & Morty Production Team, we’ll inform our readers if anything changes.