Steve Carell’s Space Force Hated by Critics

Often the most prominent names in Hollywood doesn’t guarantee immediate success with a new franchise. This was proven again with Steve Carrell’s Space Force, which is Produced & Streamed by Netflix. It’s slated to be the highest-profile series from the streaming giant in 2020, with it reuniting Carrel with the creator of “The Office”, Greg Daniels. Millions worldwide were excited for their return & the concept that new talents would be included in this series. Additional actors in Netflix’s Space Force includes Ben Schwartz, John Malkovich, and Lisa Kudrow. You’d anticipate that this combination would immediately receive positive reviews. The opposite happened, with the overwhelming majority of Critics & Fans indicating disappointment in their reviews.

Scoring with Rotten Tomatoes have been destructive with Space Force. It’s typically noted that television series on this scoring service receive kinder reviews, with that not being the case for Space Force. The average rating for Netflix-produced series on Rotten Tomatoes varies between 60% to 75%. Space Force is considerably lower with a score at 38%. Most were anticipating that Steve Carrel’s new sitcom would garner considerable popularity & high reviews. It’s not known if Netflix will now terminate the 2nd season planned for Space Force, which would come as significantly disappointing for Steve Carrell and Greg Daniels.

This rating is horrendous for any series listed with Rotten Tomatoes, especially when considering the notable talent associated with Space Force. Comments on their bad reviews haven’t been released by Steve Carrel, Greg Daniels, Lisa Kudrow, or John Malkovich. It should be mentioned that poor rating for Space Force extends towards Metacritic. Using the voting system from noteworthy critics in North America, this new Netflix Sitcom stands at 48/100.

Poor Reviews Explained

Film analysts speculate that poor reviews for Space Force follow with its new format. Greg Daniels & Steve Carrel avoided the prior arrangement associated with “The Office”. Their unique production stylings resemble sitcoms with HBO, which extends towards how it’s filmed & the extensive cursing used in writing. Instead of the sophisticated jokes & scenarios seen throughout the office, Carrel and Daniels use the hilarious concept of Trump’s Space Force to create borderline basic jokes. It’s these core reasons that prompted these horrible reviews.