Stranger Things Season 4 Tease the Hellfire Club

The fourth season for Netflix’s Stranger Things has begun production, with set photography being released via Instagram. The latest set photos indicate that an updated group of fan-favourite misfits are coming with the 4th season, with that gang named the “Hellfire Club”. This information would’ve been known earlier to fans permitting that Covid-19 hadn’t terminated production in March 2020.

Filming resumed in September 2020, showing immediately their latest character coming to Stranger Things. This character is Maya, the rumoured Ex-Wife of Sheriff Hopper Hawke. It’s expected she’ll play a prominent role towards Hopper returning from the dead. Set photos from Season Four also show that the “Lucas Sisters” have become series regulars.

The Twitter account for Stranger Things issues numerous tweets, which linked other posts onto Instagram. These tweets detailed upcoming teases for the 4th season, including the “Hellfire Club”. Logo details were provided, showing a demonic face that references previous enemies from Season Three. There are also dice located around the logo, which references the boy’s original group surrounding Dungeons & Dragons. It’s expected that the updated club & logo follows when Season 4 of Stranger Things gets closes towards the 80s. Details regarding the “Hellfire Club” end with the logo, creating more curiosity for fanatics.

Spin-Off Shows & Movies

Anticipation for the fourth chapter of Stranger Things is growing daily, similar to Season Three. This iconic show has become Netflix’s most famous & popular show, with fans regularly clamouring for additional content in the Stranger Things universe. Netflix hasn’t sustained its regular production format for this franchise, with subsequent series & movies not being created until the core storyline is over.

Rumours indicate that the main story of Stanger Things will conclude with the 5th or 6th season. That doesn’t mean it’d be the end of Hopper, Jonathon, Eleven, Will, Joyce, and other prominent characters. Rumours suggest that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Hopper (David Harbour) could receive a spin-off series by 2023. That rumour is unlikely with both these actors slated to enter more prominent roles in Hollywood after Stranger Things has concluded. Millie Bobby Brown has already started her next career stage, which began with starring in “Netflix’s Elona Holmes”.