Television in Australia Characterised by Unique Casts

The United States is known for everything bigger and better, yet its people have shown a huge interest, and an ever increasing one that is foreign television shows. This includes Sherlock and Doctor Who, two British shows are amongst those, and both enjoyed massive success in the U.S. Shows such as Degrassi and Rookie Blue from Canada have also aired on regular United States television and with it came the constantly growing demand for video streaming. This includes sites such as Hulu, and it is expected that international awareness is the order of the day.

When looking at the viewing or viewer trends, a curious point is that interest seems to change by country and shows awareness grew from what it produces especially for the viewers of America to the Canadian viewers while Canadian shows are even encompassed into the entertainment industry of the United Kingdom.

It all kind of make sense yet only recently a nationwide interest showed up in Australian shows, an adaptation of Rake was aired in January by the Fox network. Although, Rake is not actually an all Australian show it sparked interest and inspired viewers to explore and look up what shows is offered on real Australian television, instead of viewing a show that is basically a spin-off of an American show. Once viewers are seriously interested in Australian television shows, these are not difficult to find, its locating shows that are still relevant that might be a bit of a challenge. Several shows fail in their very first season in the United States, one that immediately comes to mind is The Strip, another that is easy to accept as cancelled is Lush House.

American Doomed Shows Easier To Locate Online

What is almost frightening is that the American doomed shows are much easier to locate online than the current shows aired on Australian television. Once you manage to find an appositely established series, it is a great way for a curious viewer to relax and enjoy the novelty of foreign cultures and accents. A Moody Christmas is one such series that premiered in October 2012 in Australia, and earlier this year season two started showing on ABC Television. The Australian Broadcasting Company network announced that the second season will now be made available via Hulu for American viewers, well before the end of spring, although no specific date was announced.

A Moody Christmas is a show in which each episode portrays consecutive Moody house Christmases as it focusses on Ian Meadows as Dan Moody who is a photographer spending the rest of his year in Europe. This offers the audience the chance to see and experience as much about the Moody family as what Dan does. Each episode makes it quite obvious that Dan is not keeping in touch with the Moody family, and it stretches plausibility to plot points. An example of that is the love story that spans over six years and is not resolved yet due to the holiday season or to be exact Christmas time, and it’s no wonder that viewers wonder why Dan is not giving up and remain in the UK. A Moody Christmas skips a year with each episode, yet it is loved by millions and well worth seeing.