The McKinlay Cup

Horse racing in Australia is an event enjoyed by many. It is also the perfect opportunity to place your wagers on your favourite horse. The significant racing events are of global interest, but many smaller events take place regularly in smaller towns and still creates a massive investment to fans and punters alike.

McKinlay is a small town set more than 1 500 kilometres to the north of Brisbane. Named after the McKinlay River running through the area, this town and its surrounding area have a population of around 420 people. John McKinlay established the city in 1861, and good fortune brought them the discovery of gold in 1872. The largest silver and lead mine in all of Australia is today the town’s claim to fame, and it is situated only 85 kilometres away. Like in any other small town, McKinlay has a small park and museum as well as a public library. Their hotel is of considerable significance and became a tourist attraction after featuring in Crocodile Dundee.

A Massive Mid-Year Racing Event

Every year in June, the McKinlay Race Club hosts the McKinlay races. These races are some of the last remaining horse races which are held in the outback. Being the most predominant racing event in all of North West Queensland, it attracts a large number of visitors, travelling the distance to see a significant amount of thoroughbreds taking on the track to win the great McKinlay Cup. It is one of those events where everybody living in the area gets involved in hosting the crowds showing up in their town. The fact is known for fashion parades and many other competitions where special prizes can be won.

Set to take place over a distance of 1 800 meters, this race is an Open Handicap race. The prize money which the winner of the competition gets to take home totals at 25 000 Australian Dollars. This event is viral over all of Australia and many travels from far and wide to partake in this particular race.

Australian Racing Scene is Alive

The horse racing calendar in Australia is usually jam-packed. Weekends are the time when most races take place, even though some are scheduled for weekdays too. So many events provide endless possibilities to punters and bookmakers to make the most of these events. Mobile betting Kenya is a popular online destination for many punters, showing tremendous activity on racing days. Due to the ease and comfort combined with the safety that this online site holds for punters, this is now quickly becoming how they prefer to place their wagers. Due to the ease, more and more newbies enter the scene of placing their bets on the countless possibilities offered by horse racing in the country. Resulting in race days becoming even more exciting and so much more of a spectacular event.