Treadstone Review

Amazon Prime Video is looking to capture the excitement of viewers with their latest television series, Treadstone. Originally released on January 10th and created by the USA Network, this series doesn’t centre around the character of Jason Bourne. Instead, it’s based around the organization that created Bourne, with new characters being introduced per season. Supporters of the original films won’t find many differences between Treadstone and Amazon’s Jack Ryan series. However, it’ll provide the espionage action we all crave before the upcoming James Bond film.

The same concept that’s been used with all versions of the Bourne franchise continues with Treadstone. Fans will follow soldiers that are destined to recover their memory, which requires travelling worldwide in search of answers. Similar to the Heroes television series, this production follows multiple characters experiencing similar storylines. Somehow, they’ll all come together and defeat the Treadstone agents. It’s known that somebody in the Treadstone organization is waking sleeping agents worldwide and then sending them on assassination missions. A journalist from Britain follows the assassination events worldwide, which spans multiple decades. It’s eventually learned that the Treadstone Protocols originated from East Germany in 1973.

How to Differentiate the Characters?

There has been a formidable issue that plagues Treadstone, and that’s how the characters will be differentiated by seasons-end. In retrospective, the awoken agents that choose to ignore their mission, have the same skillsets and capabilities. There’s only one defining factor that separates these four characters, their jurisdiction. Two Treadstone victims are located in the Arctic, with another in North Korea and Russia. Flashbacks are beginning to show the pasts of these individuals, with it being known that the North Korean Hyo-Han was once a Piano Teacher.

Other then that brief character-growth, this show has been repetitive and becomes tedious quickly. Each episode maintains four fight scenes in an hour, making it feel more like these characters are bashing their way to answers. Additional insights for viewers include the discovery that family-members are responsible for these agents entering Treadstone. It’s more shocking to find out who isn’t on the conspiracy than who is, and this creates a problem in the storyline.

Final Thoughts

We’d recommend that our readers avoid Treadstone. It’s not remotely similar to the Jason Bourne franchise and will leave you with more questions than answers. Amazon should’ve expanded its Jack Ryan universe, as continuity has become a significant part of a television brands growth. Just as the walking dead.