Virtual Prom Hosted by John Krasinski

Actors worldwide are doing what they can to remain relevant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals are contacting each other via webcam-enabled conference calls, hoping that their brands won’t diminish. This extends towards John Krasinski’s Some Good News Network on YouTube. Readers will know John Krasinski from notable entertainment properties like The Office, Jack Ryan, and A Quiet Place. During this pandemic period, John has created the SGN Network. Krasinski expresses weekly stories of good intent and positive values through his YouTube platform. Past co-workers have engaged with the SGN Network, including Steve Carell.

Supporters behind John Krasinski have eagerly waited for these weekly instalments. Minor updates before weekly episodes are provided through John’s Instagram account, with the most recent being posted on April 17th in the early morning. Krasinski announced that they’d be hosting a 2020 Virtual Prom later that night. Multiple guests associated with The Quiet Place Director & Actor participated in the virtual prom. Their favourite songs were shared to hundreds of thousands across North America, Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Positive Values

John Krasinski is considered a man of the people, often helping charities and using his brand for positive messages. Music has often been a driving force to insight better moods onto the public. That’s what prompted Krasinski to create the 2020 Virtual Prom, with John dressing up the part. When he posted the announcement video to Instagram and Twitter, the Jack Ryan actor was wearing the typical DJ attire. This included oversized headphones and an influx of various brands tattered across his clothing. Fans immediately knew that this SGN Network Special Event would uplift their spirits.

Those wanting to witness the 2020 Virtual Prom haven’t missed out on the festivities. All live streams posted to YouTube are saved as a standard video afterwards. Fans behind John Krasinski can witness what songs, dance moves and drinks were recommended to thousands worldwide. It should be noted that Krasinski plans to hold additional dancing festivities on the SGN Network. We’ll provide our readers on updates with John Krasinski’s SGN Network. Those unaware of this actor are recommended to binge-watch “The Office” or “Jack Ryan” immediately.