Wentworth Prison Filming Final Season

Wentworth Prison, one of the most popular Australian drama television shows created, has begun finishing production on the final season. For the last two months, the cast has been shooting in Melbourne. Through leaked photographs, it’s been revealed that three new cast members are debuting in the final season of Wentworth Prison. The three latest castmates coming to Wentworth include Jane Hall, Kate Box and Zoe Tera. This announcement came from the Executive Director of Television at Foxtel after the leaked photographs.

Brain Walsh spoke with reporters regarding his public announcement. He noted that the show had maintained a loyal and large fanbase since debuting in 2013. It’s attracted the finest actors and productions crews available in Australia. Brain mentioned that Jane, Zoe and Kate are perfect additions for the final season. Kate Box formally worked for the Les Norton Drama Series, who will take on the role of a former top dog at the prison. Jane Hall is taking the role of a new General Manager, who doesn’t fear punishing prisoners for their illegal actions. Zoe Tera is playing one of the shows few transgender characters in some unknown capacity.

The final season of Wentworth Prison also brings the return of former castmates Kate Atkinson, Susie Porter, Pamela Rabe and Leah Purcell. Unfortunately, in the same announcement of the new cast, it would also be revealed that the ninth season would be the cast’s last. However, the remaining episodes coming are being released over two years. This gives fans plenty to look forward to with their favourite prison inmates.

The Directors Joy

Brain Walsh in his announcement with executives from Foxtel noted that after considerable deliberation, it was decided to increase the final series to twenty episodes. This confirms the shows significant commitment towards Wentworth Prison, which has been the most extensive television show for the Australian Broadcaster. The announcement ended with Brain mentioning that the series will finish with unexpected events and have the return of older characters in better moments of their life. It appears that the series is looking to provide a humble goodbye for all beloved characters, with hated villains getting the most severe on-screen humiliation possible. Those wanting to watch the upcoming series of Wentworth Prison must wait until the beginning of 2020.

For those who haven’t watched Wentworth Prison, the series is available on streaming services like Netflix. All eight prior seasons are available for streaming, with Netflix not making any announcement on when the first part of the ninth season will be released.