What is to come on Australian TV

The year ahead offers provocative and compelling storytelling with several new Australian and international drama series scheduled for next year, and while some of the favourites return, Australians also have some great series launching from early on in the new year.

Hungry Ghosts – New Australian Drama

The new four-part, Hungry Ghosts series is Australian drama at its best, it is the supernatural thriller elements that are explored, the genre of Korean and Japanese ghost films. Hungry Ghost is also authentically embedded in over three Vietnamese Australian family’s lives, how generations dealt with the aftermath of the war set in modern-day Melbourne. It takes off during the month of the festival, Hung Ghost plays off during a time when the Vietnamese community honour their dead, it is a character-driven ghost story, suspenseful, scary and packed with humour.

January Returns Include All Australian Favourites

Family Law returns for its final spins and with the series based on Benjamin Laws, the final season explores the heart-bruising susceptibility needed for individuals to put themselves on the line, go chase after the people they love, or to own up to their requirements, no matter the stage of their life, whether in their teens or midlife. Family Law is about the cost of secrets and denial, and the soul-coding effect when you keep it all inside.

The Hunt Delves into Cyberbullying

The Hunt deals with big issues in the era of social media and cyberbullying. It is a brand-new series that follows the life of teenagers, their family, friends, teachers and the community during the lead up as well as the aftermath of a scandal including nude photo sharing. Non-actors are used to tell the story, and the series is produced with funding from Screen Australia, it’s a local drama by SBS.

New International Drama’s

Butterfly Starts in January

The heartfelt tale, Butterfly, tells the story written by the BAFTA award-winner Tony Marchant and stars Anna Friel, the Emmy Award winner. Based on the relationship between Stephen and Vicky, now separated and their opinions regard the support of their gender variant son, Max. From a very young age of 11, Max showed signs of gender dysphoria. It is the greatest family challenge and test of understanding and love.

February Debuts include McMafia

Inspired by the best-selling book, David Strathairn and James Norton stars in the series based on Misha Glenny’s book. The drama exposes organised crime in a global network. McMafia explores an intricate web made up of connections that join cybercriminals in India, money launderers in Dubai, Bedouin smugglers in Negev and Russian oligarchs based in London.
Other series well worth looking forward to includes The New Pope, starring John Malkovich, Sharon Stone and Jude Law. The Name of the Rose is inspired by novel Umberto Eco’s, and it plays off in the medieval monastery where a series of murders need to be investigated. The international cast line-up includes James Cosmo and Jon Turturro.