Worldwide Celebrities & Casinos

When celebrities are not busy collecting Oscars, they busy partying; some can’t wait to hang out at clubs, well if you’re thinking Mr Bieber that is strip clubs. Those who love to wreck them balls include Billy Cyrus’s daughter.

Hollywood’s Hardcore Party Animals of the 1950s and 1960s

The hardcore party animals include Gary Busey and Charlie Sheen. When you move to a party at casinos, well the list of names goes on and on. It includes Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen and earlier legends such as Monroe and Sinatra.

Rich and Famed in Hollywood Loves Las Vegas

One thing is clear, Hollywood’s wealthy and famed loves Las Vegas or any casino for that matter. Which is why so many programs on Australian television includes programs on which you could place bets, such as Australia’s Got Talent, The Bachelor and Strictly Come Dancing. You can enjoy good entertainment and wager on the outcome.

Las Vegas Becomes Second Home to the Rat Pack

If you love Hollywood and you’ve followed them for a couple of years, you’ll know all about the group of top Hollywood celebrities that made Las Vegas their home away from home. Their activities in Las Vegas was a blend of entertaining, relaxing and preforming at the casinos. The rat pack of the 1950s was made up of big stars such as Erol Flynn, Bacall and Bogart.

In the 1960s The Rat Pack Earns its Global Reputation.

Not much was said in the media about the 1950s rat pack, but that all changed in the 1960s. The rat pack then included Hollywood legends such as Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior and Frank Sinatra. What was different about this group is that if one of them was booked for Las Vegas shows the others would turn up to do a spur-of-the-moment performance. The casinos on the strip were smiling as the performances by the world’s best attracted all the high rollers to their casino.

Dean Martin Talks Pit Boss into Violating State Laws

Once the performers enjoyed a standing ovation, they head straight to the casino tables. For instance, Dean Martin got a casino into some serious trouble when he used his charm to talk a pit boss into allowing the dealer to deal blackjack cards from her hand. One of the most prominent blackjack players of the pack was Sinatra, so much so that he owned his casino called Cal Neva.

Big Blackjack Fan – Sinatra Open His Casino

Sinatra’s casino was situated on the shores of Lake Tahoe and became one of the pack’s favourite hangouts. There is not much news on the casino, but the fun there only lasted until 2010. The casino then went bust, and it is doubtful that it ever opened again. More about the Baywatch stars and others like Harry Styles in our next article about the Hollywood stars in Las Vegas.