Young Sheldon Star Loved by Aussies

The success of the Big Bang Theory is one that not many can argue. However the success of Young Sheldon also has been well-received by Television viewers as the young bow-tie Sheldon, played by Iain Armitage, wins people over for his performance as young Sheldon Cooper.

The show debuted on Monday night in Australia and saw over one million viewers tuning in to see the young Sheldon character getting ready to start high school. Unlike the character he portrays, Armitage is nine and lives at home with his parents, one of which, his month, is a theater producer and his Dad an actor.

At the tender age of nine, he is far from entering high school and is currently in fourth grade. Beside enjoying heading off to the park with friends or watching his favourite shows on television, his life is far from others in fourth grade.

The decision to create a spin-off series on Jim Parsons character Sheldon was one that Chuck Lorre knew would come down to the actor who portrayed Sheldon as a young boy, and considering the scripts and language, this was not a small task for a child of only nine. However, when Lorre received the audition tape from the very two who suggested Parsons for the role of Sheldon, Lorre was quite surprised at his luck.

Speaking on the tape, Lorre said, “We looked at it and went ‘Oh my god, we can’t possibly be this lucky. He was just spectacular.” Parsons, who also viewed the tape agreed and was equally excited stating, “We saw his audition on tape, and I don’t know how to put this other than to say it was kind of jaw-dropping.”

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The material sent out to those who wanted to audition for the role was difficult and included the actors having to do a William Shatner impression For Parsons, who has been given the role of mentor to Iain, he finds the actor inspiring saying that the monologue written by Lorre was incredibly long and for Ian to pull it off showed a natural ability and spirit in how he understood what was being said in that monologue.

As for Armitage on the new fame that he is experiencing, he told Ellen DeGeneres that he is truly enjoying it and loves the character finding him interesting. Previous to Young Sheldon, Armitage portrayed Ziggy in the show Big Little Lies, when asked if the Sheldon role was harder he replied,

“Well, not really. Both are hard characters to play, actually. I like both comedy and drama but I really like being funny. And I love that Sheldon is an incredibly smart kid. I’m lucky to have Jim help me get into his mindset.”

Armitage got the acting bud early coming from a family that is in the business. His first job was when he was five as a critic while reviewing other theatre productions. His first television gig was in a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode and shortly thereafter, he won the role of Ziggy. Since his debut, he has portrayed characters in The Glass Candle that stared Robert Redford and Jane Fonda and is now, on top of his Young Sheldon responsibilities working on the second Big Little Lies season.